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Things to Do in Albany


Wilderstein Historic Site

When Thomas Holy Suckley purchased a stunning plot of land along the riverfront back in 1852, he had a vision for building a residency that paid homage to the natural beauty the Hudson River Valley was known for. The building—today known as the Wilderstein Historic Site—originally took on the look of an Italian Villa, while the home’s interiors were designed by the now-famous Joseph Burr Tiffany.

Visitors to this iconic home just in the heart of the Hudson Valley will be able to journey through time as they walk through the picturesque hallways of this well-preserved destination. The interiors showcase some of the best of early American design and the grounds offer up one of the most breathtaking romantic landscapes in the Valley.

In addition to exploring the Wilderstein’s beautiful interiors, travelers can also check out the network of trails, walkways and carriage routes that wind through some 40-acres of land. Although tours of the home are available between May and October only, the grounds are open year-round from 9am-4pm and are free of charge to walk.

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Locust Grove Estate

Built in 1850 by architect Alexander Jackson Davis, this iconic home in upstate New York was once the residence for artist Samuel F.B. Morse, and served as the primary home of William and Martha Young. Today, the home and grounds of Locust Grove Estate are preserved as a museum that showcases the life of the Mid-Atlantic’s wealthy elite. In 1979, Locust Grove opened to the public and today, travelers can explore the well-preserved rooms filled with historic artifacts and family heirlooms.

Visitors can step back in time on a guided tour of the home and grounds—which is the only way to access the inside of the mansion—for a look at life nearly a hundred years ago. Temporary exhibitions of contemporary American artists are also on display at Locust Grove. And visitors will find that while there’s much to explore inside the mansion’s halls, the 180-acre grounds surrounding the home are equally worth checking out.

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Mount Gulian Historic Site

History-loving travelers will enjoy stepping back in time during a visit to the Mount Gulian Historic Site. This well-kept 18th Century Dutch manor home located on the scenic Hudson River once served as a headquarters during the Revolutionary War and later was the birthplace of the much-storied Society of the Cincinnati. And while its ties to early American history are clear, archeologists suggest the land surrounding Mount Gulian may have been home to Native Americans as early as 6000 BC.

Visitors who opt for a tour of the grounds will find themselves deep in the trenches of American history, as expert guides will gladly share stories of army Major Generals, escaped slaves and groundbreaking revolutions. Whether travelers are interested in the stunningly preserved interiors, well-kept grounds, beautiful Hudson River views or the tales of early American life, a stop at Mount Gulian Historic Site has something for just about everyone.

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Motorcyclepedia Museum

Motorcycle enthusiasts can marvel at the sizable collection of vintage bikes at the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, New York. Located about 60 miles (96 kilometers north of New York City, near the Hudson River, the museum showcases more than 600 two-wheeled machines. Visitors can explore motorcycle history and check out the abundance of biker memorabilia.

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