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Things to Do in Bled

Bled is Slovenia’s flagship resort town, renowned for its lake, fairytale castle, and views of the snow-capped Julian Alps. An ideal retreat for peace-and-quiet seekers, Bled draws visitors from all over the world to its picturesque shores.

The Basics
Rich in both history and scenery, Bled is a peaceful lakeside getaway and popular day trip destination from Ljubljana and the Croatian city of Zagreb. Highlights of full-day tours often include a Bled Castle tour, a pletna boat ride to Bled Island, and a chance to sample the town’s famous Bled cream cake. Opt for a small-group or private tour for a more intimate experience, or choose a day trip that also includes other Slovenian attractions such as the Lipica Stud Farm, Postojna Cave, and Predjama Castle. 

Things to Know Before You Go
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes for exploring the town and its surroundings. 
  • Almost all of Bled’s sights can be reached on foot, although a tourist train runs around the lakeside every 45 minutes during summer.
  • The path around the lake is flat, although some parts are gravel and may be difficult for wheelchair users to navigate. 

How to Get There
Bled is located in northwest Slovenia, adjacent to the Austrian border and Triglav National Park. The lake resort is 34 miles (55 kilometers) northwest of Ljubljana and 121 miles (194 kilometers) northwest of Zagreb , or roughly 45 minutes and two hours by road, respectively. Regular buses connect Bled to Slovenia’s major cities, while trains from Ljubljana and the Austrian city of Villach arrive at Lesce-Bled station. The nearest international airport is in Ljubljana. 

When to Get There
Summer is the busiest time to visit, when the town hosts festivals such as Bled Days (July), the International Music Festival (July), and the Okarina Etno Festival (August). During this season, travelers should book tours and accomodations well in advance. Bled is also an enchanting winter destination, when visitors can see the landscape beneath a sheen of snow and benefit from reduced prices. 

Outdoor Activities Around Bled
The natural beauty of Bled Lake provides stunning views and an idyllic landscape for outdoor activities. Summer visitors can enjoy rowing and water sports on the lake, while winter travelers can get their powder fix at nearby ski resorts such as Vogel, Krvavec, and Kranjska Gora. There are also ample opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, with trails running to Bohinj Valley, Vintgar Gorge, and Triglav National Park—home of Mt. Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain. 
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Lake Bled
65 Tours and Activities

Nestled into the foothills of the Julian Alps in northwest Slovenia, glacial Lake Bled is a place of spectacular natural beauty. Subterranean thermal springs keep the lake’s exquisite blue-green waters relatively warm during summer, making it a hot spot for water sports. Bled also makes a perfect base for exploring the Julian Alps.

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Bled Castle (Blejski Grad)
39 Tours and Activities

Built into a rocky precipice in the Julian Alps foothills of northwest Slovenia, Bled Castle (Blejski Grad) sits high above the stunning blue-green Lake Bled. With moats, a drawbridge, ramparts, towers, and terraces with magnificent views of the lake, this 9th-century fortress is everything you would imagine a medieval fairy-tale castle to be.

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Bled Island (Blejski Otok)
16 Tours and Activities

With its picture-perfect church and ornate steeple peeking out above the treeline and perched on Bled Lake, tiny Bled Island (Bled Island (Blejski Otok) looks like something out of a fairy tale. Local tradition has it that a groom must carry his bride up all 99 steps that lead from the island’s dock to the church to ensure a happy marriage.

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Vintgar Gorge (Soteska Vintgar)
20 Tours and Activities

The Vintgar Gorge—created over centuries by the waters of the Radovna River—draws visitors with its emerald green pools, dramatic waterfalls, and picturesque swimming holes. Visit to traverse bridges and wooden boardwalks suspended over the water, and see the Sum waterfall, which cascades into an emerald pool at the head of the gorge.

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Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary (Bled Island Church)
1 Tour and Activity

The image of the picturesque steepled church on a tiny forested island surrounded by emerald waters is what attracts most visitors to Lake Bled in the first place. Visitors flock to the Church of the Assumption to climb to the top of the belltower and make a wish. Legend has it if you ring the bell three times your wish will come true.

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Tolmin Gorge
2 Tours and Activities

Located at the confluence of two rivers in northern Slovenia, Tolmin Gorge is one of the gateways to Triglav National Park. Known for its stunning scenery, crystal clear waters, moss-covered canyons, and rocky outcrops, Tolmin Gorge is one of Slovenia’s best natural attractions.

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Straza Bled Recreation Area

Located close to the center of Bled, Straza Bled hill offers year-round entertainment and panoramic views of Lake Bled, Bled Castle, and the Julian Alps. In winter, you can go skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, while tobogganing, hiking, and an adventure park are available throughout the rest of the year.

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