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Things to Do in Cobh

Where the River Lee flows out of Cork and into the Atlantic Sea, Cobh sits wrapped in the protective arms of its Cork Harbor surroundings. This picturesque port town was known as Queenstown until the late 1920s, and of the 6 million Irish citizens who immigrated to North America, it’s believed nearly half of them waved goodbye to their homeland here on the shores of Cobh. Even more infamous is the tale of the Titanic, which departed on its doomed North Atlantic crossing from right here in Cobh. Tours today still detail the time the Titanic spent in Cobh—including the original wooden dock that the Titanic’s passengers walked on.

The Titanic, however, paled in comparison to the lives lost at sea during the sinking of the Lusitania, which was struck by a German submarine in the waters off of Cobh. Over 100 victims from the Lusitania blast are buried in a cemetery onshore, although despite Cobh’s history of maritime disaster, the colorful town remains an enjoyable and bustling cruise port today. Enjoy a walk to the Cobh Cathedral and go sailing out on the bay, or on a visit to the fascinating Cobh Heritage Center, learn about life on a convict ship as it sailed to the Australian unknown.
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Cobh Heritage Centre (The Queenstown Story)
9 Tours and Activities

The port town of Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, was the departure point for millions of Irish emigrants who left the country between 1848 and 1960. Housed in the town’s Victorian train station, the Cobh Heritage Centre chronicles the often-heartbreaking journeys of Irish emigrants during the Great Famine and beyond.

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St. Colman's Cathedral (Cobh Cathedral)
6 Tours and Activities

With its 328-foot (100-meter) spire and imposing facade, this large neo-Gothic cathedral—also known as the Cobh Cathedral—dominates the skyline of the harbor town of Cobh. The cathedral is famous for its 49-bell carillon, the only such instrument in Ireland and one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

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Titanic Experience Cobh
2 Tours and Activities

Housed inside the old White Star Line Ticket Office, the Titanic Experience Cobh tells the tales of the 123Titanic passengers who embarked on their voyage from here in Cobh—the final passengers to step aboard the luxurious liner. Exhibits recount life on board the ship and the events of the disastrous sinking using audio-visual effects.

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