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Things to do in St Thomas

Things to do in  St Thomas

Welcome to St Thomas

This gem in the US Virgin Islands welcomes visitors with sun, sand, and shopping—all the essentials. The capital, Charlotte Amalie, bustles with a jumble of small streets lined with colonial buildings, duty-free shops, and restaurants where you can while the day away. Take a private or group city sightseeing tour to visit historic landmarks like Fort Christian Museum and Hotel 1829, and also explore the lookout at Drake’s Seat for a magnificent view. Then get ready for fun on a water adventure tour, ranging from kayaking and snorkeling, to scuba diving and stand-up paddleboarding. Or head with a group to impressive Caribbean beaches, including pristine Lindquist Beach, popular Magens Bay, and tranquil Hull Bay. Get up close to the blue sea on a tour that takes you sport fishing on St. Thomas; snorkeling with sea turtles; or diving in French Cap, Cow and Calf, and Eagle Shoals. Or ease into a peaceful kayak excursion through the mangrove lagoons. Thrill-seekers can try their hand at a parasailing flight that rewards with spectacular views. Day trips to other islands allow travelers to easily discover St. John’s vast national parkland and the British Virgin Islands’ natural pools and exotic sea life.

Top 15 attractions in St Thomas

Sapphire Beach

Located on the eastern end of St. Thomas, Sapphire Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Featuring stellar views and a long stretch of pretty white sand, it’s an ideal beach for relaxing and sunbathing, snorkeling, and a variety of water sports. Numerous amenities and rentals make for an easy and enjoyable day out.More

Mountain Top

Located at the top of St. Peter Mountain is the oldest, highest, and one of the most popular attractions on St. Thomas, the aptly named Mountain Top. Mountain Top features a massive duty free shop, a bar known for its banana daiquiris, and an observation deck that offers sweeping views over Magens Bay from 1,500 feet (457 meters.More

Magens Bay

Thanks to its curving arc of white sand and its bright blue water, Magens Bay is St. Thomas’ most popular beach. The area is surrounded by forests and palm trees, and the bay offers calm waves for swimming and kayaking. For stunning views of the bay’s unusual rectangular shape and mile of beach, head to the nearby Mountain Top lookout.More

Secret Harbour Beach Resort

Located along the southeastern shore of St. Thomas, Secret Harbour Beach Resort is set in a secluded cove in Nazareth Bay. Featuring a pretty white sand beach and crystalline waters, it’s a popular spot for sunbathing, snorkeling, and other water sports, such as scuba diving, paddleboarding, and kayaking.More

Water Island

Water Island officially joined the US Virgin Islands in 1996. The fourth and smallest isle of the four, it is by no means boring. At roughly 490 acres (200 hectares and home to approximately 175 inhabitants, Water Island remains relatively undeveloped and is a less touristed destination in the island chain offering idyllic beaches and lazy-day vibes.More

Drake's Seat

For one of the best views on St. Thomas, make the drive to the mountaintop perch at Drake’s Seat. Here you can keep lookout over Magens Bay and the British Virgin Islands, just as Sir Francis Drake was said to do from this very spot in order to catch pirates, privateers and invading naval ships approaching from the north via Drake’s Passage, also bearing his name. Today, this lookout point sports a stone platform with a bench atop it, and it’s a popular top for tour groups. The crowds mostly disperse by evening however, making Drake’s Seat an ideal spot to take in the sunset.More

Coral World Ocean Park

One of the top family-friendly attractions in the US Virgin Islands, Coral World Ocean Park combines both indoor and outdoor observation facilities which showcase the region’s diverse and plentiful marine life. Highlights include the hermit crab, starfish, and sea cucumber touch pool and the 50,000-gallon Deep Reef Tank, home to moray eels, tarpon, and plenty of sharks.More

Coki Beach

Coki Beach is considered St. Thomas’ party beach and is always full of families, revelers, and vendors. Snorkelers and scuba divers love the clear water and sea creatures here, while beach-goers enjoy the white sands, sunshine, and wandering vendors who offer drinks and snacks, souvenirs, sunscreen, and hair braiding.More

Honeymoon Beach

On Water Island, south of St. Thomas, Honeymoon Beach curves around the clear waters of Druiff Bay. Soft white sand and swaying palm trees invite visitors to linger in this peaceful tropical paradise, while a bustling beach bar offers amenities, sustenance, and many different ways to play.More

Fort Christian

A historic fortress built in the history-rich St. Thomas town of Charlotte Amalie, Fort Christian has been a cultural highlight here since 1672 and acts as one of the finest treasure troves of ancient artifacts in the small Caribbean island’s long history. This Danish-built fortress serves as a beautiful example of Dutch-Caribbean architecture in the Gothic-Revival style and as a modern-day museum.More

Skytsborg Historical Park

Known also as Blackbeard’s Castle, the Skytsborg Historic Park is one of St. Thomas’s most beautiful landmarks. The park contains, alongside life-sized bronze pirate statues, some of the most beautiful architecture and ocean views on the island. Situated scenically on a hilltop overlooking the harbor and surrounding sea, the park sits on five acres and includes multiple manor houses dating back to the 17th century. The houses collectively contain the largest display of authentic West Indian mahogany furniture, which is all handmade. The Villa Notman, Haagensen House and Hotel 1829 are listed on the National Register of Historic PlacesMarked paths allow for self-guided walking tours that tell the history of the area. The Skytsborg Tower is of particular interest, having been a 17th century Danish defense tower built to protect the harbor. There are also three pools, many terraces, and tropical gardens to explore throughout.More

Blackbeard's Castle (Skytsborg Tower)

High above Charlotte Amalie is Skytsborg (“sky tower”), a round defensive tower built by the Danish in 1679 to watch for enemy ships which might attack Fort Christian and other harbor settlements. While there was a real pirate called Blackbeard (Edward Teach) who prowled nearby waters, his association with the site owes more to tradition than history.And anyway, who needs a history lesson when you have one of the great Caribbean views laid out before you. The visual feast encompasses dramatic green slopes, bobbing yachts, hulking cruise ships and outlying islands. Facilities at the site include a swimming pool and snack bar.More

99 Steps

During early colonization of the Caribbean, tall ships used huge stones as ballast in their hulls, then offloaded them while stocking up on spices and other goods, leaving the stones as a reminder of their visit. Residents of Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas then used these stones to build steep stairways such as 99 Steps up the town’s hills.More

Hull Bay

Hull Bay on St. Thomas is all about snorkeling the neighboring reef, swinging in a beach hammock, and unwinding at a cool little beach bar. There’s fishing off nearby Inner and Outer Brass Cays, and the Atlantic whips up waves for some of the island’s best surfing. Hull Bay doesn’t attract the crowds of nearby Magens Bay, so the vibe is more laid back and off-the-beaten-path.More

Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden

Finally opening its gates in February 2015 after a 20-year-long construction, the Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden offers a unique collection of tropical plants, spread over a 2-acre plot. The scenic gardens stretch along a mountain ridge at 1,100 feet, with viewpoints offering impressive views across Magens Bay and Tortola, and the paved walking trails dotted with benches and gazebos to relax in. The real highlight is the plants themselves – a colorful collection featuring over 1,000 orchids, plus hundreds of palm trees, bromeliads and heliconias, creativity arranged and marked with information boards.More

Top activities in St Thomas

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Tree Limin' Extreme Zipline

The Baths and White Bay
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The Baths and White Bay

50' Luxury Yacht. Private Full or Half Day Catamaran Snorkel, & Beach Experience
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Snorkel & Swim with Turtles. Semi Private Tour to Buck Island & Honeymoon Beach
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BVI - Beach Bar Tour (Foxy's, Soggy Dollar, Willy-T)
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People Also Ask

What is St. Thomas known for?

St. Thomas is known for its beautiful beaches and snorkeling spots, where a variety of sea life can be seen. It’s also known for the colonial-era architecture and shops and restaurants of the capital, Charlotte Amalie. St. Thomas is a popular port of call for Caribbean cruise ships.

What is there to do in St. Thomas?

There’s lots to do in St. Thomas. Go swimming, snorkeling, diving, or standup paddleboarding at one of its beautiful beaches, or kayak among the mangroves. Take a tour to attractions like the Fort Christian Museum and Hotel 1829. In capital Charlotte Amalie, shop at duty-free boutiques and dine at restaurants in colonial-era buildings.

Does St. Thomas have waterfalls?

Yes, there are some waterfalls on St. Thomas, particularly after rain. Check out the waterfalls at St. Peter Greathouse and Botanical Gardens, and the 40-foot falls along the Reef Bay Trail, a forested hiking area.

How many days is enough in St. Thomas?

Many people visit St. Thomas for one or two days on a cruise, but around four days is recommended if you have the time and you want to unwind. The beaches could occupy you for days, and more active pursuits such as kayaking and diving can also be enjoyed. On extra days you could visit nearby national parks.

What can you do for free in St. Thomas?

Free activities in St. Thomas include swimming and lounging on the beach (bring your own towel and umbrella), strolling the colonial-era neighborhoods of Charlotte Amalie, and hiking (or driving) up to Drake’s Lookout to take in the views.

Is it expensive in St. Thomas?

Yes, St. Thomas is quite expensive. Almost all food is imported, which makes the cost of living and visiting St. Thomas relatively costly, whether you’re eating out or self-catering. Accommodation is most expensive at peak times such as the winter holiday period, but outside the busiest times you’ll find lower prices for accommodation and flights.


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What are the top things to do in St Thomas?
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