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Things to Do in Trogir

Trogir is a great day trip from Split, connected by a bridge on the other side of Split’s airport (approximately an hour by water taxi or bus). It is tied to the outlying island Ciovo by a second bridge.

The Greeks who found this trading settlement originally named this ancient town Tragurion (island of goats) in the 3rd century BC. It later flourished as a Roman port. With the fall of the Western Roman Empire, it became part of Byzantium and then followed the shifting allegiances of the Adriatic. In 1420 the Venetians moved in and settled until 1797. Trogir was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

You can explore the medieval town in about an hour but take your time to meander along the cobblestoned lanes, the sites and have a leisurely meal at a cafe or a restaurant on the seafront promenade. If you want to relax on the beach, there are a few beaches nearby and in Ciovio.

There are a few notable sites in Trogir, starting from the main square of Narodni trg. A must-see is the Cathedral of St Lawrence, known for its Romanesque door carved in the 13th century by Mater Radovan, and the elegant bell tower.

The Fortress Kamerlengo, situated at north the peak of the island, enables you to walk on the fortress walls for 15HRK (USD $2.60). In the summer the fortress is also used for concerts and other events. On the mainland, next to the bridge, check out the Green market for fresh produce and people watching. The 15th-century loggia and clock tower as well as the Venetian-Gothic Cipko Palace are great sites for those who love architecture.
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