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Maximize your time by joining a guided tour, and spend the morning exploring the resort town’s top attractions. You’ll see the Fort of San Diego (El Fuerte de San Diego), now home to the Acapulco Historical Museum, which displays artifacts through the Mexican War. The colorful mosaic Mural Diego Rivera—on the exterior of a former house of the Mexican artist—features symbols and iconography such as Quetzalcoatl, the Aztecan feathered serpent. Another popular stop is the Chapel of Peace and Trouyet Cross, perched atop the mountains overlooking Acapulco Bay.


A trip to Acapulco isn’t complete until you see the iconic cliff-diving show in La Quebrada. Tours typically include a stop at La Perla restaurant and bar, offering one of the best views of the show. Watch as the divers climb to a height of more than 136 feet (41 meters), pray at the altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and dive off the jagged cliffs into the roaring waves below. You can also book a cruise that allows you to watch the divers from the water. Alternatively, make your way to the beach and soak up some sun.


Don’t worry if you missed the afternoon cliff-diving show. The divers are back at it in the evening—so enjoy dinner at La Perla, and catch the action then. Or, eat elsewhere and stop by El Mirador to see the show. Alternatively, experience the excitement of lucha libre, one of Mexico’s most popular sporting events. Grab tacos and a beer at a taqueria before heading to a venue to cheer on the colorfully outfitted wrestlers—known as luchadores —with local fans.

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