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3 Days in Curacao for First Timers

In Curacao, almost nothing can ever go wrong and there is plenty that can go right. A short trip can be best enjoyed when well planned for. Here’s a suggested itinerary to help you make the most of your Caribbean vacation.

Day 1

Get acquainted with Curacao on the Willemstad East and City Highlight Tour. Your knowledgeable guide will escort you through the colorful Dutch colonial neighborhoods of Curacao where the picturesque surroundings are sure to provide many photo ops.  Next, you will visit a range of attractions in the area including Queen Juliana Bridge at St. Anna Bay, Willemstad, the capital of Netherland Antilles, Scharloo Jewish Neighborhood and Spanish Waters. Also included is a stop to the Blue Curacao Liquor Factory which produces blue liquor made from the Laraha fruit unique to Curacao.

Day 2

Feeling adventurous? Then The National Park Jeep Safari tour can’t be missed! After a brief scenic tour of Curacao you’ll be guided to Boca Pistol named for the pistol like sound the enormous waves make as they crash onto the rocky shoreline.  Next, you’ll explore the desert like terrain of Boca Table before before heading to The Christoffel National Park. With a fascinating combination of historical sites and natural beauty the park is definitely worth a visit. You’ll see birds of prey, deer, iguanas and lush wild orchids as you journey through the park. Alternatively, explore Savonet Museum which weaves a fascinating story of Curacao’s natural and cultural history dating back 4,000 years to the time of the Arawak Indians.

Day 3

If you want a more unique vacation experience try the Ostrich Farm and HATO Caves Combo Adventure.  The tour lets you get up close and personal with the world’s biggest birds while the guide educates you on everything from the development of the ostrich egg to how fast these speedy creatures run. You may even get a chance to ride an Ostrich! Before your tour concludes you will tour the Hato Caves where you will learn about the how these stunning wonders were formed years ago.

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