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3 Days in Positano for Foodies

Curated by Rebecca WinkeItalophile and travel enthusiast who’s lived in and written about Italy for more than two decades.

The Amalfi Coast is known for its resort-chic vibe and some of the most spectacular scenery in Italy, but this stretch of southern Italian coastline also offers unforgettable dining and imbibing. The steep cliffs backing Positano are blanketed with terraced vineyards, lemon groves, and vegetable gardens while the Mediterranean Sea offers unparalleled fresh fish and seafood—all featured in local specialties from Aglianico wine to spaghetti alle vongole.

I had expected the food to take a backseat to the views on my first visit to Positano, but quickly discovered that the local cuisine is equally dazzling. Experience the best food and wine over three days in Positano with these suggestions.

Because of scorching midday temperatures, dinner is served late during the summer on the coast. Don’t expect to dine before 8 or 9pm.

If you only have time for one thing, feast on seafood at a beach club restaurant for lunch (Da Adolfo and Da Ferdinando are two favorites).

Day 1

Set off into the hills above Positano where the coastline’s farms and wineries are concentrated to sample local specialties. Stop for a cellar tour and tasting of Catalanesca, Aglianico, and other local wines, plus try your hand at making traditional mozzarella with milk from the coast’s dairy farms.

Stop in Praiano for drinks with a view on your way back to Positano, then spend the evening dining with a local family in their home. Watch as your hosts prepare a number of beloved traditional recipes, then relax around the table together over an informal dinner.

Day 2

The countryside just inland from the Amalfi Coast is prime truffle country. Meet up with a local forager and squad of trained pups this morning to learn how these prized tubers grow and how truffle dogs are trained to sniff them out beneath the forest floor. Sample your haul with a tasting to cap off the excursion.

Alternatively, take a day trip to Sorrento to sample its distinctive local cuisine, heavily influenced by its close proximity to Naples. Visit local farms that produce artisan cheeses, charcuterie, limoncello, and other local specialties—or head to an olive estate and mill for a guided tasting of extra-virgin olive oils pressed on the coastline.

Day 3

Heirloom sfusato amalfitano lemons are one of the Amalfi Coast’s most famous local products. This morning, take a deep dive into the area’s lemon cultivation with a limoncello-making workshop followed by lunch in Furore.

End your time in Positano with an aperitivo by sea. Enjoy the sunset views at dusk while you sip your glass of bubbly and dream of your next trip.

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