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3 Days in Samana for First Timers

Samana is a true gem in the Dominican Republic and a worthwhile stop for travelers to the Caribbean. Located on a tiny peninsula in the country’s northwest region, Samana’s rugged outdoor terrain, beautiful beaches and friendly fishing villages are the hallmark of this destination that draws travelers eager to experience a different side of the islands. Three days is enough time to see the sites, relax on the sand and head to untouched regions of one of Dominican Republic’s hidden wonders. 

Day 1

Playa Rincon, a pristine stretch of white sand located about 25 kilometers outside of Samana, has been rated among the top beaches in the world and is a favorite stop for travelers. Hop on a minibus or hire a car and venture to this secluded destination, where crystal blue waters and near empty beaches make Rincon feel like an exclusive getaway. Visitors can horseback ride, snorkel or while away the afternoon sipping cold brews from one of the local watering holes. Playa Rincon proves the perfect introduction to the natural beauty (and pure relaxation) this region is known for. 

Day 2

Start the day at Taino Park, a tropical island inhabited by Dominican Republic’s indigenous people some 1,500 years ago. Wander the grounds where 25 life-size figures depict the peaceful life and bloody battles of the Taino people before exploring the other exhibits, which include stone carvings and clay pots. Afterwards, head to Las Garelas, a historic fishing village stationed along the coast of Santa Barbara. The palm-lined beaches allow access to some of the country’s best snorkeling, and travelers exploring the streets can talk with locals about their old-world lifestyle in new-world times while sipping cold beers and tucking into plates of fresh boiled lobster. 

Day 3

Samana is home to a number of untouched destinations that offer travelers an escape from the well-worn tourist path, but perhaps none are as remote as Cabo Cabron National Park. Spend a day venturing into the uniquely beautiful protected reserve, where uninhabited coastlines, rocky cliffs and rugged trails signal a true departure from the chaos of the country’s urban centers. Hire a guide to navigate the challenging trails of this national park, which snake through thick tropical vegetation and winds up challenging passes. After a difficult trek through some of Dominican Republic’s most scenic landscape, cool off in the natural pool tucked inside the park’s hidden volcanic area. It may not be a beautiful beach, but travelers agree it’s an experience that’s not to be missed. 

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