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Things to Do in Copan


Macaw Mountain Bird Park and Nature Reserve
2 Tours and Activities

Hardwood trees and native plants provide a lush habitat for birds in this garden-like nature reserve. Hundreds of resident tropical bird rescues are the most colorful attraction, from yellow-naped Amazons to scarlet macaws. The center’s mission to restore Honduran bird populations place it among the country’s top conservation centers.

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Maya Archaeology Museum (Museo de Arqueología Maya)

Ceramics, stone fragments, and other artifacts from the Mayan Ruins of Copan are on display at this small museum. While outdated when compared with the newer—and very impressive— Sculpture Museum, it’s still worth a stop. Highlights include the complete burial of a female shaman, which offers a fascinating glimpse into Maya death rites.

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Las Sepulturas

An ancient home for rich and elite Maya people, this archeological site was once joined to the Grand Plaza of Copan via a raised causeway. Remnants of luxurious living quarters in the exclusive compound include intricate reliefs, tombs built into family homes, and a main structure adorned with life-sized figures in feathered headdresses.

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Casa K’inich Museum (Museo Casa K’inich)

Interactive exhibits invite kids into the world of the ancient Maya at this small, nonprofit museum in Copan Ruinas. Clothing and musical instruments are on display here, alongside history that covers both daily life and elite rituals in Maya cities. Information in Spanish, English, and Mayan helps to illustrate those fascinating stories.

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