Hanga Piko
Hanga Piko

Hanga Piko

A small cove surrounded by hills south of Hanga Roa that means “hidden bay” in Rapanui, Hanga Piko has long been inhabited by the residents of Easter Island. Today, it’s the main cargo port for the island and the center of its traditional fishing industry. It’s also home to a cave and an ahu ceremonial platform with one moai statue.

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Hanga Roa, Chile

The basics

Some boat tours depart from Hanga Piko, including scuba diving and snorkeling tours, glass-bottom boat tours, and boat tours to the offshore islets of Motu Iti, Motu Kao Kao, and Motu Nui. The sole moai at Ahu Riata is at the shoreline's center, and petroglyphs are on the slopes behind the platform. At the southern end of the bay is Ana Kororupa cave, where human bones have been found. Turtles are often spotted at Hanga Piko.

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Things to know before you go

  • Hanga Piko is a commercial port and not suitable for private sailing boats.

  • Stalls along Hanga Piko sell fresh fish and seafood when local fishermen return with their catch.

  • Do not touch or feed any sea turtles.

  • Ana Kororupa cave’s entrance is overgrown and difficult to find.

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How to get there

Hanga Piko is located southwest of Hanga Roa. From the waterfront at Hanga Roa, it’s around a 15-minute walk along the coast. Access to Hanga Piko by boat can be difficult, especially if there is a swell, and a pilot is required for boats to enter the bay.

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When to get there

Hanga Piko can be visited at any time. Since most visitors come here as part of a boat tour, timing is dependent on the various tour and cruise schedules. Visit in the morning to see fishermen coming back with their fresh catch. Be careful when there are strong southwesterly winds, which can cause strong swells to enter the harbor.

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The motus

Three motus (offshore islands or islets) are off the southwest coast of Easter Island: Motu Nui, Motu Iti, and Motu Kao Kao. Known for migrating seabirds, Motu Nui is the largest of the three and was a key location for the tangata manu (birdman) ceremony, where representatives of each clan compete to collect and return with the first manutara (sooty tern) egg of the season. Boat tours to the islets also depart from Hanga Piko.

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