Jervis Bay
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Things to Do in Jervis Bay

Be sure to bring your sunglasses when visiting Jervis Bay—since the sand here on this section of coast is the whitest in the entire world. On the White Sands Walk between Greenfield Beach and Hyams Beach, on the southern section of the bay, leave a trail of footprints on some of Australia’s nicest beaches. In addition to sand that seems to reflect the color of passing clouds, the water here in Jervis Bay is some of Australia’s clearest. In fact, there’s so much marine life in Jervis Bay and the visibility is so clear, that Jervis Bay Marine Park is a worthy alternative to the famous Great Barrier Reef. The scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea kayaking here is the best in New South Wales, and the bay is often filled with the spouts of migrating Humpback whales. In early morning, it isn’t uncommon to find kangaroos leaving curious tracks on the sand, since coastal rainforest extends to within a few hundred yards of shore. There’s more to Jervis Bay, however, than beaches, penguins, dolphins, diving, and idyllic walks on the sand; the small communities have humble cafés and charming bed and breakfasts, and at Budoree Park, on the outskirts of town, interpretive programs offer cultural insight to its Aboriginal roots.  
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