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Things to Do in Montreux


Old Town of Montreux (Vieille-Ville de Montreux)
8 Tours and Activities

Montreux, on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva, has been a popular hangout among artistic types since the 19th century. The Old Town of Montreux (Vieille-Ville de Montreux) is an often overlooked part of the city, due to its location on a steep hill high above the town, but the views and relaxed atmosphere are worth the climb.

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Glacier 3000
11 Tours and Activities

A snow-coated wonderland perched high in the Vaud Alps of Western Switzerland, the Glacier 3000 resort is a one-stop destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Just an hour from Montreux, it offers spectacular mountain views, ample opportunities for hiking and skiing, and a huge range of adrenaline-fueled activities.

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Chillon Castle (Château de Chillon)
17 Tours and Activities

Chillon Castle (Chateau de Chillon), a medieval castle on the banks of Lake Geneva, is one of Switzerland’s most visited attractions. Travelers come to find out more about its fascinating history—it was used as a defensive outpost, a summer home for the dukes of Savoy, and a state-run prison.

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Freddie Mercury Statue
9 Tours and Activities

The town of Montreux, in eastern Switzerland, boasts a 10-foot-tall statue of Freddie Mercury that commemorates the singer’s years living here and his lasting musical influence. The memorial is a popular tourist attraction, and many Queen fans make a pilgrimage to the spot to leave flowers and other tributes.

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Montreux Flower Promenade (Chemin Fleuri)
3 Tours and Activities

Montreux’s picturesque promenade extends for over six miles (10 kilometers along Lake Geneva, from Chillon Castle all the way to Port du Basset. Flanked by exotic flowers, trendy cafes, and public artwork, it’s a great place to unwind away from the city buzz, with its well-placed lookouts offering unparalleled views of the Alpine landscape.

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