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Things to Do in Nikko


Nikko National Park
31 Tours and Activities

Known for its impressive botanical garden, intricate Iemitsu mausoleum, and ornate Toshogu Shrine (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Nikko National Park is an area of incredible natural beauty with plenty to see and do. In addition to shrines and temples, the park is home to numerous lakes, elaborate bridges, excellent hiking trails, and two stunning waterfalls—all set against a backdrop of dramatic mountain scenery.

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Edo Wonderland (Nikko Edomura)
1 Tour and Activity

At this fun historical theme park, visitors can see and experience what life was like in Japan between 1603 and 1868. Edo Wonderland is a replica of an Edo-period town, where every detail tries to make visitors believe they’ve stepped back in time. History buffs and anyone looking for a fun and informative activity will enjoy Edo Wonderland.

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Toshogu Shrine (Nikko Toshogu)
3 Tours and Activities

Toshogu Shrine (Nikko Toshogu) was built in 1617 to honor Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder of the dynasty that ruled Japan for more than 250 years. It's one of Japan’s finest and best-preserved Shinto shrines, surrounded by a Japanese cypress forest in the popular but still peaceful town of Nikko.

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