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Things to Do in Yongin


Dae Jang Geum Park (MBC Dramia)
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Previously known as MBC Dramia, Yongin MBC Daejanggeum Park is owned by Munhwa Broadcasting Company (MBC) and Yongin Municipal Office. This outdoor historical film set covers a vast area. It opened to tourists and the general public to visit in 2011.

Fans of Korean drama are in for a treat, as series such as Jumong, Dong Yi, Queen Seondeok, Goryeo, and many more dramas, documentaries, and films were shot here. The park features permanent sets that consist of ancient buildings and villages, with architecture imitating that from the Korean Three Kingdoms era. In fact, Daejanggeum Park was created based on historical records and so accurately reflects the buildings, villages, and culture of ancient times.

There are of course plenty of photo opportunities here, with a number of different sets to explore. There’s also a coffee shop and snack bar on­site.

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Caribbean Bay

Though the tropical climes of the Caribbean are not something you’d usually associate with South Korea, the city of Yongin is home to Caribbean Bay, a water park and spa complex that seeks to recreate the laid-back vibes and water-based fun of the Caribbean.

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