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Introducing Viator Accelerate

  • Program participants can expect 15% bookings’ growth on average, with some pilot participants experiencing growth beyond 200%.
  • Designed with transparency at its core, the new program allows operators to make data-driven decisions to increase visibility and drive business.

London, UK (February 1, 2022)Viator, the leading global marketplace for experiences, today announces the worldwide launch of Viator Accelerate. Program participants can expect an average of 15% bookings growth, with many pilot participants experiencing growth beyond 200%.

In exchange for raising commission above the minimum rate by as little as one percent, the Accelerate program allows eligible operators to reach a larger audience through highly contextual, highly targeted advertising placements on Viator.

“Our industry has seen extraordinary growth since the mid-2010s. Where travelers once had two or three options for a cooking class, or three or four for a sunset cruise, they now have 10, 20, or maybe even 30 choices,” commented Ben Drew, president, Viator. “Viator Accelerate exists to help operators stand out from the crowd—on their terms, under their control, and where it matters. It was built with operator feedback at its foundation.”

The program

  • Allows operators to reach more travelers. In exchange for raising the commission above the minimum rate by as little as one percent, eligible operators receive more exposure on Viator.

  • Delivers highly contextual ads to a highly targeted audience. Display ads show the participating product to travelers shopping for similar nearby experiences. The ads are designed to deliver key decision-making information quickly—an image, product name, rating, and price.

  • Meaningfully grows bookings. Program participants can initially expect bookings to be 15% higher than they would be without Accelerate—and the benefits may become deeper over time. Our marketing algorithms, including those which determine our sort order, tend to award highly booked products with greater visibility. This, in turn, delivers even more exposure and bookings.

  • It enables data-based decision making. Our new visibility scores helps an operator determine the value of Viator Accelerate; it measures a product’s current visibility relative to its competition on Viator, and how participation can impact this. The program’s ongoing impact is trackable through the Viator Accelerate Insights dashboard, which shares key metrics including visibility, bookings, and page views versus the competition.

Immediate impact

Early adopters of the program talked about Viator Accelerate as an effective, affordable means of gaining valuable exposure:

“I am very happy with this new method of promotion and I am convinced that the boost in visibility will be increasingly useful in an expanding market such as Florence. On our own, we have already received good results with a 71% increase in bookings and 32% increase in page views.”—Gabriele Niccolai, Museo Le Macchine di Leonardo da Vinci, Florence.

“We have seen a terrific uptick in sales since joining the Viator Accelerate programme. In addition the data that we now have access to will be invaluable in monitoring our competitiveness. I am very encouraged with this new development!”—Phil Coulter, Premium Tours, London.

To learn more about the Accelerate program, visit the Viator website and follow Viator on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

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