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2 Days in Salta for First Timers

Curated by Jessica Colley ClarkeJessica Colley Clarke is a freelance writer and curious traveler based in New York City. Her stories have appeared in AFAR magazine, BBC Travel, The Daily Beast, and the New York Times, among other publications.

The city of Salta is both a cultural hub and the jumping-off point for exploring the province of the same name, known for its dramatic landscapes and destination wineries. Explore Salta’s history and markets before heading out into the countryside for river rafting, mountain biking, and wine tasting. Here are a few ways to spend 48 hours in Salta.

Day 1: Morning

Explore Salta on foot with a guided walking tour to see top landmarks including the city’s colonial architecture, Salta Cathedral, and the San Bernardo Convent. Learn about local history with an independent visit to the Historical Museum of the North.

Day 1: Afternoon

Move beyond the city center of Salta with a sightseeing bus tour. As you ride, you’ll hear stories about popular landmarks including Casa de Uriburu and Plaza 9 de Julio. Most tours include time to browse for crafts at the vibrant artisan markets before visiting the monument dedicated to General Guemes, a figure associated with Argentine independence.

Day 1: Night

Connect with local culture by spending an evening at a traditional peña or folk music club. Listen to classic songs on guitar and regional instruments and see dance performances over an evening that includes dining and drinking. You can even join your guide on the dance floor to learn a few steps of the traditional dances.

Day 2: Morning

This morning, head outside the city to discover the natural beauty of the province of Salta with a day in the great outdoors. Adventurous travelers may want to go river rafting, ziplining, or mountain biking. Alternatively, see the dramatic scenery of Salta from the seat of a bike or along hiking trails.

Day 2: Afternoon

Continue an exploration of Salta’s diverse landscapes with a visit to the salt flats, which resemble a desert made of salt. Travelers who are interested in wildlife may opt instead for a visit to Bull Lagoon for a nature-focused tour to see wild flamingos in their natural environment.

Day 2: Night

Wrap up your time in Salta wine tasting at the source with a visit to the Calchaqui Valley. Learn about local winemaking methods, and sip malbec at top wineries in Cafayate. Argentine barbecue is a traditional accompaniment to the full-flavored red wines of the region.

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