Itineraries for Your Trip to San Cristóbal de las Casas

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1 Day in San Cristóbal de las Casas for First Timers

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As the cultural capital of Chiapas, San Cristóbal de las Casas provides plenty to enjoy. From colonial-era landmarks and Zapatista street art to artisan markets and chocolate museums, here are our top tips for maximizing 24 hours in the city.


Start your day off with a wander around the colonial Old Town, where cobbled streets and hidden alleys lend themselves well to walking tours. Familiarise yourself with Chiapas’s political history as you stroll along the same streets that staged the 1994 uprising, which are now covered in the city’s famous street art; tours also nearly always stop at the Santo Domingo church and San Cristóbal Cathedral, and offer info that’s crucial to understanding the city’s turbulent past. Take advantage of photography-focused packages to capture picture-perfect snaps in the city.


Grab lunch along the Real de Guadalupe—where cafe balconies provide views of city’s colourful facades and mountainous surrounds—and then head to the Santo Domingo Artisan Market to shop for souvenirs. From there, dedicate the remainder of your day to discovering San Cristóbal’s best museums; from ethnographic displays at Casa Na Bolom to cocoa workshops at Kakaw Museum, opportunities for cultural immersion are plentiful.


San Cristobal’s food scene is second-to-none, and a great deal more affordable than Mexico’s other major cities. Whether you’re after traditional tacos, veggie-friendly fajitas, or international cuisine, there are all sorts of options around the town center. The city’s nightlife caters to both locals and backpackers, which gives you the option to kick back on a terrace with an after-dinner coffee or cut loose in a lively cocktail bar.

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